I saw this question in many media. This short article is according to my personal experiences to have a flat stomach and burn fats. You need to get a specialist consultant to do.

Having or making a flat stomach depends on some main parameters:

1- Diet



Diet is most important of having a flat stomach, independent of ages and amount of activity. You should reduce the number of daily calories. For example, if daily you need 2000 calories, for losing 1 lb in a week, you should get 1600 calories daily.

And age; by going be elder, the…

There is no doubt that the Internet has created new frontiers for communication, collaboration and business, while criminals also use it to secure their illicit interests. And that makes life difficult for parents who are struggling to cope with their children’s over-interest in the space.

In the previous period, parents’ concerns about their children were very simple: they were concerned about their health and well-being and that they would be well received by others in the school environment. , Their jobs and personal lives became.

Although many of these concerns remain, parents today face newer issues. Many of these issues…

Kevin Shah

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